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My Strength Work Went Really Well Today All Things Considered

Yesterday morning I had my first vaccine shot which wasn’t bad at all. I didn’t sleep all that well last night and am feeling pretty run down. I don’t know if it’s the vaccine or just not sleeping well or something else. My shoulder is a little achy where the shot was too so that makes me think maybe it’s a bit of a reaction. I already had the virus so my immune system should recognize it from what I read so that explains quit a bit. Regardless I thought I have to at least give my lifts a solid attempt and I’m glad I did because they felt pretty good all things considered.

First up were my front squats at 205 pounds for three sets of five. These felt good but pretty heavy but they are a bit on the heavier side for me for from squats so that’s to be expected. I completed the required sets with no issues which was nice given that I really wasn’t feeling it at all today. They were so much physically heavy as they were mentally heavy. The video should nearly perfect front squats though with nice explosive squats. Didn’t feel that way at all but they looked that way and that tells the whole story.

Next up were the thankfully lightish strict presses at only 102 pounds. I did two extra sets of these for a total of five sets of five and they felt good. I took a very short rest period between sets because I really just wanted to get done. They felt pretty good other than my arm that got the vaccine shot injected is feeling a little stiff but that’s to be expected.

Finally I did my deadlifts. I kept it simple today and stuck with the singles rather than sets even though it was light at 245 pounds. They felt good and Molly said that they looked really good.

Shortly after my lifting I laid down on the chair in the patio and collected some nice sunshine. It’s not necessarily warm today but the sun is strong and it’s not that windy for a change.

Music this morning was Sepultura

My intention was to do a WOD then the bro shit later on but as the day went on I felt a bit worse from the shot yesterday. I slowly got more and more achy with more bursts of low fever so I ended up not really doing anything else in the garage.

We did go to the park nearby and get a nice walk with the fading sun before tomorrow’s rain. It was nice out there and there were lots of birds singing and doing their thing. Every time we’re over at that park a woodpecker calling is heard in a certain patch of woods and it was there today. Hearing wood peckers always reminds me of the mountains growing up. We used to hear them near Pop’s trailer all summer long in the woods behind it.