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Pretty Good Morning For My Lifting Today

Last night, I slept surprisingly well, especially considering we’d gone to Joy’s later than usual. Of course, I at heavily there and drank some alcohol. We had a good time and enjoyed our time together. I ended up falling asleep pretty quickly last night, though. I think being out in the sun trying to get our Mr stacky set up helped me sleep, and of course, the temperature dropping into the 40s helped a lot.

After I was drinking my coffee and heard the barrel place out back making their noise, I decided to go see if I can’t hammer the pipe inside the PVC pike of the Mr Stacky into the ground further. When I pulled it out, I figured out that I hit very wet clay and I suspect tree roots. That brought back memories of trying to dig in Pop Pop’s yard for him. His topsoil was pure wet clay. I kept cleaning off the sharp, cut edges of the metal pipe and twisting it to use it as a sort of saw to cut through the roots, and hoped it wasn’t a large one. Even though the tree’s cut down and dead, we’ll be dealing with its roots for years to come. Eventually, it made it through, then I was able to easily drive the pipe another foot in the ground. Now our strawberry planter will not blow over.

Shortly after finishing that I got changed to get my lifts in before our busy day.

I began my day’s lifting with the back squats at two hundred and twenty pounds. I worked through my three sets quickly and easily, and they really felt great. There’s no doubt that I easily could have bumped it up to five sets, but didn’t because of time. I had an hour to work with before we were going to leave. The squats were deep and very explosive today.

Next up for today, I had my fairly heavy shoulder presses. Today the plan was to do three sets of five of the strict Presses at a pretty heavy hundred and twenty-five pounds. I did them easily and Molly said they looked great. No twinges of any kind in my shoulder and my strength felt much more even today as it has been since my arm got better. I never once thought I was going to fail a rep. To say I was thrilled with my presses today would be an understatement. I felt like I could even do extra sets.

Finally, I had my deadlifts at two hundred and seventy-five pounds. While I could have easily done triples at this weight today, I doubted that it was the best idea. My hands are still feeling pretty dried out from messing with that pipe. The air being so dry didn’t help either. I was happy with my deadlifts. They felt great.

We headed off for some mini golf a little while after I finished lifting. I had a great start playing, then lost it once the stars started aligning so that the ball was in shadows. I just can’t see it well enough with the deep shadows and very bright sunshine. We had fun, and we collected plenty of sunshine and vitamin D and that’s what really matters.

When we got back home, it was time to get some more yard work in. We had to go to the compost site and get a couple of bins of mulch for our garden and dump one full of yard waste while we were at it. That key fob is the best $10 a year we’ve spent. The place is literally right up the street from us, and we can go get what we need or take what we need to drop off as long as it’s during daylight hours. The mulch and compost we got from there were both pretty nice.

Music For was Dio