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I Cannot Complain About Today In The Garage

While I didn’t really do a ton of things in the garage I can’t really complain about it too much. I’m feeling tired and got to my lifting way later in the day than I’m used to because we were running around all morning. My legs are feeling like absolutely dead weight today after yesterday’s double WOD day which included weighted lunges and weighted step ups. I didn’t even know how I would get through my strength but I did.

The front squats at three sets of five at 205 pounds felt heavy but great. They were very explosive and Molly kept saying how great they looked and how upright I am with my back not rounding at all. It was kind of cool that she was able to work in with me doing her pull ups in between my front squat sets. The squats felt pretty heavy to me in the front rack and all but the lifts them selves felt great.

Next up were the relatively heavy for me bench presses at 170 pounds. They bench was manageable but I wouldn’t by any means call any of the reps easy. I got through them with no problems so that was good.

Finally I did the good mornings at 105 pounds. Coming into my workout today I had already accepted the fact that I might just pass on the good mornings with my glutes being tired and whole legs feeling weak after all of yesterday’s lunges and step ups but I was going to at least give them a fair attempt. Surprisingly they felt good from the warm up through the working sets so I was able to easily get through my three sets of ten. They even stretched me out a bit.

When I was done I was ready to get in the shower when I noticed it had fully cleared up out side and the sun was shining brightly. I suggested and we went for our walk earlier today since it was one of those days we didn’t think that the weather would be cooperative. It was a nice walk and the sun was hot but the temperature cool, below normal for this time of the year even.

We got home and I changed the gas tank on the grill so we could have the burgers. After all there’s not a cloud in the sky other than a few small ones. Shortly after letting the grill heat up, well, we had a nice heavy shower with decent winds. If it were winter time it would have made for an awesome snow squall. It’s that sort of weather pattern today. Luckily it quickly passed and we were able to actually have the burgers for supper. We went for a short walk after supper. The birds all over were singing their asses off.