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Didn't Feel Like Lifting At All Today But Did My Strength And Felt Good About It

Another of those days where I really didn’t feel like lifting. My legs are just feeling a lot like lead weights today. Likely caused by rowing the ten thousand meters yesterday and not being used to it. The cloudy, dreary day wasn’t helping matters all that much either I have to admit. Finally around 10:00 AM I got up the gumption to just do it. I knew the weights are getting heavier today.

I knew it was going to be a rough day when the 25 pound plates felt heavy to hold. Regardless I did it. I just felt like while I slept long last night I didn’t get well rested.

First of all I started with with the back squats. My favorite lift for sure! I was programmed to do these at three sets of five at 235 pounds. I wouldn’t call it heavy for me at this point but certainly not light either. They felt good but just very heavy on my back. They looked great per the video and were very fast rep and explosive reps. My back continues to just be like a solid board doing these reps. It felt rough enough I stuck with the three sets rather than adding in the extra two like I typically have been doing.

Next up was the strict press at 110. Moderate weight again but today these just felt so heavy to me. I managed them with no issues. I did just the three sets with these as I did with the back squats with not really feeling it. I am okay with it because that’s what’s really programmed.

Deadlifts felt heavy as hell at 265 pounds too but the weight shouldn’t have been feeling so heavy. I did the programmed singles and like the back squats the reps looked great according to the video. They just felt heavy.

All in all I wouldn’t call it a bad day as any day I can lift in the garage is a good day. It wasn’t ideal or anything but a day lifting is a day lifting, period. It’s like Nan used to say, “you gotta take the good with the bad.”

Music for today was Die Apokalyptischen Reiter.