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Deadlifts At 290 Felt Great!

Last night, I slept pretty well. I didn’t sleep long enough, being up a bit later than usual reading about Rust, and then woke up a bit early. I also woke up a few times overnight. Still, I felt pretty good this morning.

I woke up bright and early and was awake, so I got up and drank my coffee early this morning. It was gone by 6:00 AM. I was screwing around on my computer for a bit of killing time until I could head out into the garage to get my deadlifts in.

I was hoping that I could get out to the garage before the wind picked up again. It was fairly calm out when I did head out. It was forecasted to increase, so I wanted to beat it if it did. The neighbor’s tree is another silver maple with lots of rot and still has some large branches over top of our garage. It has plenty of holes in it.

When the sun came out it was time to get out into the home gym. I enjoyed myself while doing my deadlifts this morning. They were feeling great from the first warmup set. Today was a day when I just took my time and enjoyed the challenge. I was in a good state of mind.

The final AMRAP set called for more than one rep at a rather heavy two hundred and ninety pounds for me. The first one came off the floor easily. On the second one, my grip started giving out right at the top. I counted it because I controlled it on the way down. I didn’t record it today, but there’s a possibility that if I saw a video, I may not have quite locked out, but I was close enough to count it for today. The only thing that stops me from fighting for these reps a bit more than I do is that I would rather not lose it and drop it on the floor. Like I’ve said before, we don’t know that the quality of the concrete used in the floor or how many corners were cut.

At the end of the day, I can be happy about how great it felt and that I had a fun, heavy session this morning. I always enjoy a day like today when, after doing heavy squats or deadlifts, I feel like I am walking on clouds after I am done with the weight. That’s how I felt today after I was done.

I relaxed a bit after I was done with my deadlifts and recovered some. I didn’t wait too long, though. Today I wanted to get a WOD in before I got too lazy to do one.

For today, I wanted a quick workout that wasn’t overly complicated. It was one with just double unders and back squats with the sandbag. I used that rope-less jump rope again and kept moving instead of getting bogged down by hop-overs. That serves a far better purpose of keeping me moving than resetting and finding the object to hop over. I didn’t keep track of the WOD’s score. I’ve been doing that a lot lately. It wasn’t a rare case that I lost track of counts in Crossfit and just didn’t record a score. That doesn’t mean I didn’t push it as far as I could. My legs were still shot after the deadlifts, so it wasn’t as aggressive as it could have been on the squats, but I pushed it for today.

Music for today was Amorphis