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Underestimated That WOD

- 3 minutes, 489 words
Today I felt really good about how I did with the WOD. I did underestimate it though and the intensity of it really caught me off guard a bit.

If You Don't Occasionally Fail You're Not Pushing Yourself

- 3 minutes, 609 words
Today was the day I wanted to push myself way out of my comfort zone to do the vault WOD. I knew I would be very unlikely to make the time goal and I was fine with that. My goal was to take advantage of the opportunity to work with movement’s I am just not comfortable with. It involved a hell of a lot of dumbbell deadlifts. 144 to be exact and those are just not a deadlift variety that I find myself having a good time doing.

Today's WOD Felt Like I Was In Slow Motion

- 3 minutes, 480 words
Today my brain and body felt like they were just running in slow motion during the WOD. I did it at a slower pace than I might have on a good day but it was good to get a workout in.

I Walked Away From A WOD Today

- 3 minutes, 474 words
It doesn’t happen that often but I walked away from a WOD out of frustration due to my vision. I can count on my hands how many time that’s occurred but it has happened rarely.

Quick Little WOD That Left Me Thinking What The Fuck Just Hit Me

- 2 minutes, 301 words
Sometimes when you look at a WOD write up you just look at it and think it’s not going to be that bad. Sometimes that’s a correct assessment of the situation but other times it couldn’t be more wrong. Usually the ones that don’t look too bad are ones with movements that you are comfortable with cycling quickly. The thing is the faster you can go the more intensity you can have which is a real killer.

Did A WOD But Skipped Strength For Today

- 1 minutes, 204 words
I was still feeling a little wound up from that thunderstorm the other day. I didn’t feel I could focus, so I skipped my strength today, but I did get a WOD in.

Struggled With My WOD Today

- 1 minutes, 169 words
Some days go like this. I struggled with the WOD today, and it didn’t look like it would be that difficult on paper.

WOD With Devil Presses

- 2 minutes, 282 words
Today I did my first WOD that included devil presses in it in some time. With my arm acting up I’ve been sort of avoiding too much of that sort of movement when I could to let it rest some. I had signed up for some street parking challenge hoping t o maybe be able to encourage my girlfriend. I find challenges to be dumb myself but if it helps her it’s worth it.

Sometimes Counting Is Hard

- 3 minutes, 513 words
Sometimes counting during a WOD is just hard. This morning was a case where I kept losing count of either rounds or reps. Scores are really not all that important, so it’s no big deal.

Got My COVID Shot And Surprised Myself With Next Monday's Vault WOD

- 3 minutes, 492 words
I got my first COVID shot and then I surprised myself with how well I did on next Monday’s Vault WOD.