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My Twenty Rep Squats Felt Great Today

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve done my twenty rep back squats. I had been feeling a little run down and just wasn’t feeling up to the twenty rep squats so I listened to my body and skipped them.

This morning I felt good and my knee seems to be better from how it was annoying me quite a bit over the weekend so I thought why not give the squats a try? I could stop at any time if I felt that I needed to and I know I would.

The warm up sets felt really good and my knee/ quad was wasn’t feeling nearly as tight as it has been feeling the past few days, ever since I tripped awkwardly on the curb that somehow doesn’t line up with the crosswalk.

The working set was at 220 pounds today. I stuck with that since the warm ups felt good and the working reps felt great. I maybe went a little bit slower than I might normally do them to make sure each repetition “felt” good and right but they were feeling really good. I got through the set fairly easily and the video made them look like they were easy. From the video they looked like very mechanical nice deep squats with each rep looking like the others. Also from the video I did 21 reps. I guess I fucked up counting.

Next I did street Parking’s deadlift program today. For that I did an easy 215 pounds for two sets of five. Then I did 245 for three triples. They all felt pretty good too. I’m still feeling a slight twinge with grip in my wrist where that lump had been for years but it doesn’t hurt or anything.

Finally this morning I did a WOD. It was just rowing and push up taps because wall walks shouldn’t be in a WOD and done for time. The WOD was an exercise in things going wrong beginning right from the first round when I forgot to start my watch which I was using as a timer. I couldn’t see the rower so I had to guess when I was at 500 meters and my estimates were off a lot today so I kept stopping and starting. The sun was coming in the window and shining directly into my eyes at the furthest back position on the rower so that was getting the headache going a bit. It wasn’t a great WOD for me today by any means but it was a WOD that I did and I got some work in. I’m not going to kill every WOD and I know that.

Music today was Black Sabbath