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Fairly Light Deadlifts And Rowing This Morning

Last night, I slept really well. Maybe not quite long enough, since we were up pretty late and ate supper much later than we normally do. Yesterday I hadn’t slept much at all and felt really funky all day long, so I thought it would be best to skip my deadlifts.

This morning I felt a lot better, so I was anxious to get to the bar, but I had to drink my coffee first. The coffee was, of course, great. Priorities! Coffee is always a priority!

About eight o’clock or so, I thought it was late enough to head out into the garage. The barrel guys were banging barrels around, so I shouldn’t be much louder than that, right? At least, that was my thought process.

The light sets felt pretty good for me this morning. It was a lot different from the squats the other day. These deadlifts were feeling light. I did take my time, working my way up in weight.

The final working sets were fairly light for me today. The five at two hundred and fifteen pounds felt great. The last set called for five or more reps at two hundred and forty pounds. I rounded up five pounds for simplicity. The fifteen-pound plates that were already out and sitting next to the bar were readily available, so I used those. I think I wound up getting six reps at that. Weight. I was not aggressive at all with it.

I relaxed for a little but wanted to get a WOD in early today. This morning, I was considering doing something with just rowing. I looked at some endurance ones and then remembered an older daily workout that was just every two minutes to row two hundred and fifty and rest the remainder of the time.

The row felt great and got my heart rate up some. I’m at a point where it doesn’t spike my heart rate like it used to, but it is still a good workout. What’s really telling is how quickly my heart rate drops back down while resting. Of course, with time and repeated intervals, my heart rate stays higher, but it still drops significantly.

The main goal I had in mind for the row was to be more efficient with it than I have been recently. My timing has been out of sync for a while now. I really think that my wrist might have been a factor in that. The wrist wasn’t really bothering me during the rows, but I was thinking ahead to the other movements in the workout. I almost felt as if I had to save it for the presses or whatever was in the WOD that would bug it. I believe it was pretty successful. My pulls were much stronger and much more efficient, even though I did slow it down. It wasn’t really close to where it was when my rowing technique was at its best, but I’m hoping that this is a step in getting back to that. I am going to try to really focus on rowing.

My music choice for today was Corrosion Of Conformity.