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Second Day In A Row For A Sled WOD

Last night, I slept pretty well. Maybe not enough, but I felt good when I got up. It was also the first morning in a few days that my core and glutes weren’t royally pissed off at me when I got up. The sudden bursts of really brutal cramping have all but stopped after some twitching and then released yesterday.

I drank my coffee and surfed the web a bit while drinking it. Soon after that, we got the grocery store out of the way. Last week it was brutal, with old people just moseying around or stopping to wait for prices to change while blocking the entire aisle.

Since I was feeling good, I thought it was a good idea to give this week’s strict presses a try. With my soreness, I’ve been very hesitant and didn’t complete them until today. I did some WODs with pressing but kept the weight light.

The warm-up sets this morning felt great. I never really felt any discomfort while working my way up through the weight. Not only did they feel good, but I was working through my sets quickly this morning.

My final set was the three plus AMRAP set, which was pretty heavy for me at a hundred and forty pounds. I decided to go for it, but no more than three reps for today, no matter how good it felt if it did at all. They did feel great, and the first two reps were nice, quick, and easy. The final one was just a little slower, but nothing like a slow, grinding rep. I stuck with my plan and stopped there.

I did a bunch of nothing today and watched the sunshine outside and the temperature spike on my weather station. Late this morning, when it was sunny and in the low fifties, I took the sled out and then carried the plates out.

I went with a straight-forward WOD from the Dirty Work series. They gave the option of either a mile-long pull or 800 meters of sled push. I went with the 800 meters since I find pushing to be a little harder. It was one of those times when I had no idea where to go with the load on the sled, so I went with two plates for ninety pounds.

The WOD went well for me. I took no breaks other than to shake out my shoulders. I should have used more weight. At least another plate should have been on the sled, since I finished the eight hundred meters in under ten minutes. The goal was twice that. The WOD certainly got my heart rate up, though. It averaged about 160 beats per minute, and I maxed it out in the mid-170s when I sprinted that last trip to the corner and back for the final two hundred meters. That didn’t feel good, but I just put my head down and went. That’s what I love about the sled work. I can just do that. It’s like there’s a risk of a missed rep or something.