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Something Different

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There was one of the dirty work WODs that has intrigued me, so I wanted to give it a try today. I used the sled instead of running, but what intrigued me was the sandbag bear hug carries. It was easier with the strong man sandbag than the brute force one.

Not A Bad Day Lifting

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It has been another hot day today. Thankfully, the air conditioner helped me sleep last night and the one in the garage made it tolerable to do my lifting. I was having some cramping yesterday after doubling up on WODS.

Heavy Squats This Morning Then Played With The Sled This Evening

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I didn’t sleep all that well last night. I fell asleep easily then less than an hour later I was awake. Eventually I grabbed my tablet and went downstairs. I guess it was midnight or 1:00. It was just a bit too warm in here and I’m in no way used to the summer like temperatures. Fire pit smoke didn’t help matters. This morning I was to do squats, bench press, good mornings and pull ups.