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Nice Day So I Took The Sled Out

Last night I didn’t sleep that well since we went to Joy’s It wasn’t the worst night’s sleep for me either, so I felt okay when I woke up. As a side note, I had the white pizza with cheese steak, peppers, and onions on it and that pizza was just wonderful.

I got my WOD in this morning, but it was a quick one. I wanted to get a quick WOD in this morning in case we didn’t have time with the running around that we had to do later. We wanted to take the sled out, but you never know how plans will fall apart.

I knew I wanted to play with that implement of pain from the time I woke up and saw the weather forecast hadn’t changed. High in the fifties with sunshine. It might as well be nice if the weather is not all that winterlike.

I took the sled out around lunchtime while the sun was still high enough to not bug me too much. It stays so low in the sky this time of year that it messes with my vision due to my cloudy corneas.

I went with a pretty simple but not easy WOD. I went with the more challenging sled push option, so the distance was fifty meters. There were ten rounds, with thirty seconds in between pushes. Having not used the sled in months, I went with ninety pounds to be on the safe side. In hindsight, I should have gone with at least three plates. Sure, the WOD got my heart rate up, but I felt like I was done too quickly. I wound up being on the lower end of the goal time.