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Lifetime Personal Record then a Tough Sled/Dball WOD

For my birthday this year I decided to go with my Crossfit total since I was long overdue on that. I got a lifetime PR on the back squats. Later, I did a brutal sled and strong man sandbag WOD in the heat.


That's A PR

Today was a really challenging day for me in the garage. I didn’t sleep so great last night to start things off. To top things off, I had to do PR level back squats at two hundred and seventy-five pounds and then near Pr deadlifts at two hundred and ninety-five pounds.


Light Strength And Twenty Rep Squats PR at 250 Pounds

It was really a surprising day for me today. I attempted my twenty rep back squats at 250 pounds the other day and aborted at one rep. Today after not sleeping super well due to alcohol I made the PR at the 250 pounds and they didn’t even feel that bad.


I Did Two Logistically Challenging WODS In The Past Two Days

I did two logistically challenging WODs today. We are fortunate to have what we have but it’s not a great setup for certain WODs. I still did them.


Got Another PR On My Twenty Rep Squats Today

I ended up with another twenty rep squat PR. These have really been feeling good.


Got A PR On My Twenty Rep Squats This Morning Then A Fun Sandbag WOD In The Afternoon

It was another week of twenty rep squats and another PR. THe PR felt pretty good too.


Did Two Repeat WODS And PRed Both Of Them

I was not really feeling like doing any WODs today but I wound up completing two repeat WODs from Street Parking. I managed to PR both of my scores too!



I like some hero WODs from Crossfit as benchmarks. Dt was one that I really liked. It was a tough fight the first time I did it. This time I did it with 135 pounds instead of 95 pounds and much more quickly too.


Grace PR

Grace is one of my favorite benchmark WODs. probably because it’s the first one I really tried and did so poorly at very early on in Crossfit up at Mike Jenkin’s Crossfit Gamma. Today we re did it and i got a big PR on it.