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Did Two Repeat WODS And PRed Both Of Them

I will preface this by saying that I really wasn’t feeling any WODS today. I don’t know why but I was just having that feeling where I want to sit around and be lazy all day type of day. I think I am just somewhat burned out from the heat and humidity and maybe a little dehydrated.

The first WOD I did was an EMOM of 4 heavy deadlifts and one lateral burpee over the bar adding a burpee each minute. I am really not a huge fan of the obsession of burpees over objects in Crossfit type of workouts. I am even less of a fan of that movement here n our garage with a tighter space and less room to trip when I inevitably trip due to my poor vision. I tend to eventually catch my foot on the plates, especially if I try to do them fast.

The WOD actually felt pretty good as far as I got until I had my misstep. That was into the round of eight and by the time I gathered myself to go again it was too late to finish that round. I ended up completing six of the eight required burpees. It sort of pissed me off since I felt like I was pacing it in a way to get to the goal of ten rounds.

If I could drop the bar I could shave a couple of seconds and save some energy but I don’t really want to destroy our floor. I’ll save the heavy weight drops for if and when I have to. I did manage to use 225 pounds again for the WOD. Maybe I should’ve gone a bit heavier as it felt light.

The second WOD I did was actually last Monday’s vault WOD. I skipped it last Monday for whatever reason keeping it on the back burner to do later but then never got around to it and forget why. The WOD was a lot of sandbag lungesters. A lungester is a lunge each side with sandbag in front rack then a thruster with the sandbag. 10, 9, 8… 1 with supine toe touches to the sandbag.

Last time I did this WOD back in January I still somewhat struggled with balance and bad steps with any sort of lunges. I struggled with that for years. For who knows what reason or how at sometime in the past six months my body has figured out lunges and how to “feel” them out. Doing overhead ones with the barbell I think was the turning point for me since that forced me to learn to feel it.

I would say the second round in was when I realized I had really fucked up by not turning on the air conditioner for this WOD. The humidity wasn’t nearly as bad today as it has been so it caught me off guard. It didn’t feel that bad but the temperature was still near 90. Once I got moving and warmed up I was pouring sweat and overheated. It really sucked but in the end it turns out I PRed my time by a little over 3 minutes so I am good with that. I have no doubts in my mind that I had an even larger PR if I had turned on the air conditioner a few minutes before beginning the WOD. A positive is a positive though so I am happy to accept it.

The music choice for the WODS was Crowbar. I was feeling some heavy sludge was in order today.