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Got A PR On My Twenty Rep Squats This Morning Then A Fun Sandbag WOD In The Afternoon

I decided that I would do my twenty rep squats for this week fairly early this morning. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go today with my lat being somewhat angry but I was able to maintain good for and if anything moving stretched me out a bit.

I can truly say I managed to get through the twenty reps with no issue at all. I would even go so far as to say it actually felt light today, even the working set at 210 pounds felt light which is the opposite of yesterday when just the bar for warm ups felt heavy. The 210 pounds is now a PR for my twenty rep squats and the way it felt this morning I should be able to make at least 225 as long as I can mentally embrace the suckfest that is the 20 rep squats.

Music for the squats was Dystopia

Later on in the afternoon we did this week’s sandbag WOD together. That was bear complexes with hop overs every minute. While the bear complexes were easy for me the hop overs are very disruptive due to vision. It’s not that I don’t think that they’re a good thing because they are, I am just an abnormality with my poor vision. Regardless I managed to easily get the time goal because we’d done a lot of heavier bear complexes with a barbell at the old gym and I am just comfortable with it. I even ended up with a bit of the Fran cough at the end.

I liked the WOD.

Our music for the WOD was Nightwish!