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Lifetime Personal Record then a Tough Sled/Dball WOD

For my birthday this year I decided to go with my Crossfit total since I was long overdue on that. I got a lifetime PR on the back squats. Later, I did a brutal sled and strong man sandbag WOD in the heat.


Light Strength And Twenty Rep Squats PR at 250 Pounds

It was really a surprising day for me today. I attempted my twenty rep back squats at 250 pounds the other day and aborted at one rep. Today after not sleeping super well due to alcohol I made the PR at the 250 pounds and they didn’t even feel that bad.


Got A PR On My Twenty Rep Squats This Morning Then A Fun Sandbag WOD In The Afternoon

It was another week of twenty rep squats and another PR. THe PR felt pretty good too.


Movements I Was Never Comfortable With

It’s nice that I can do movements now that I was never really comfortable with in the past. Today I did dumbbell step ups. I’m still not thrilled with the Movement but I was able to do them!


Some Good Things And Some Disappointing Things In The Garage Today But I Really Can't Complain

I had some good things and some disappointing things happen in the garage today. I can’t really complain though. I got out there and did things.



I like some hero WODs from Crossfit as benchmarks. Dt was one that I really liked. It was a tough fight the first time I did it. This time I did it with 135 pounds instead of 95 pounds and much more quickly too.


Grace PR

Grace is one of my favorite benchmark WODs. probably because it’s the first one I really tried and did so poorly at very early on in Crossfit up at Mike Jenkin’s Crossfit Gamma. Today we re did it and i got a big PR on it.