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Lifetime Personal Record then a Tough Sled/Dball WOD

For my birthday this year I decided to go with my Crossfit total since I was long overdue on that. I got a lifetime PR on the back squats. Later, I did a brutal sled and strong man sandbag WOD in the heat.


Birthday Back Squats

For the past several birthdays, I have been doing challenges when it comes up. I had been doing burpee pull-ups because that was more challenging than plain burpees. This year, I did body weight back squats unbroken.


Did Another WOD After Supper Last Night And I Upgraded My Birthday Burpees To Burpee Pull Ups Again

I did another WOD after I did my birthday burpees. I upgraded the burpees to burpee pull-ups again this year.


Upgraded My Birthday Burpees

I upgraded my birthday burpees to burpee pull-ups. I wanted to do something more challenging with it.