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Did Another WOD After Supper Last Night And I Upgraded My Birthday Burpees To Burpee Pull Ups Again

Last night we once again grabbed Mosby’s for supper along with a couple of adult beverages. Their wings are just so good, and they’ve been getting better each week, I’d say. I also had a cheese steak, which are pretty decent from there. It’s refreshing that they don’t call it a “Philly cheese steak” and have it in no resemble what you’d actually find in Philly. They’re pretty tasty, though.

It was hot and humid, but I had this bright idea or as some might argue a stupid idea to do the day’s WOD. It was 3 rounds of 60 single unders and 15 sandbag front squats. Rest one minute, then 3 rounds of 60 single unders and 12 sandbag push presses. Rest one minute and 3 rounds of 60 single unders and 10 sandbag thrusters. No real skill stuff, and I was sure I could do it even after enjoying a couple of drinks, and I flew through it. I think the alcohol allowed me to ramp up the intensity a bit.

If I could do double unders, it would have been faster, but my singles are fast as it is and that’s why I can’t seem to pick up double unders. DU are really one of those things I just plain don’t care all that much about. I feel like I gain more out of focusing on improving other things. I finished the last round slowest, but each time I went to pick up the jump rope the cable was knotted, so I had to fix that before I could use it. I was pleased with my results, though. I was strongly considering doing the barbell version of this WOD, but the sandbag is more drop friendly on the patio (and my head, considering I had some alcohol.) The patio is slightly slanted, so I had the choice of squatting uneven or potentially having to chase the bar as it rolled away.

For my birthday burpees this year I once again upgraded them to burpee pull-ups given that until the past 5 years or so I couldn’t do pull-ups at all. Our setup here in the garage isn’t ideal for them, but I made it work. Higher bar and ceiling would be great, but we have what we have, and I appreciate that we have a gym that I can just walk out the door to anytime I want. It’s such a great tool to have available to us! The burpee pull-ups seemed a lot easier than I did them in the gym a few years back. I also did them earlier in the day this year, so I was fresher, and it wasn’t as hot. I still opted to start the air conditioner, and that proved to be a wise decision.

I had originally thought about instead of the burpees, doing a heavy single back squat hoping for 315 or x age of body weight back squats. It seems the form for the squats is shifting back to the ass the grass upright squat, so I felt it would be better not to tamper with that progress. Maybe next time I’ll do that.

Didn’t really do anything else today. It was a pretty ugly day, with a somewhat steady rainfall from Tropical Storm Fay. It was nothing major here. Just a steady rain, but it was definitely warm and tropical rainfall.