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Death By Burpees With My Weight Vest

I wanted a challenging but simple WOD for today. I settled on redoing an old death by burpees workout with my twenty-pound weight vest.


Did Another WOD After Supper Last Night And I Upgraded My Birthday Burpees To Burpee Pull Ups Again

I did another WOD after I did my birthday burpees. I upgraded the burpees to burpee pull-ups again this year.


It's An Ugly, Rainy Day So I Decided To Finish Up My Thousand Burpees For March

I decided to do the last 300 burpees I had to do for my stupid thousand burpee month challenge I stupid said Iโ€™d do with Molly. I only did it to help her through them. I could think of better ways to spend my time for fitness.


I Got Suckered Into Doing A Thousand Burpees During March

I got suckered into doing a thousand burpees during March. I donโ€™t personally like these kinds of things, but my girlfriend does, and I figured it wouldnโ€™t kill me to do it with her to be supportive.