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Death By Burpees With My Weight Vest

I slept great last night. I have been for the past week or so, actually. It’s funny because even if I didn’t feel better, my Garmin knows I’ve been more recovered. My resting heart rate has dropped back down. Not yet to the lower fifties or upper forties like it gets when it’s warmer out, but it did drop a few points back down into the lower end of the middle fifties.

I drank my coffee this morning, then played some Xbox. I knew I wanted to get a workout in earlier today than I did yesterday. For this day, I was looking to do a WOD with more intensity than I did yesterday. Then my elbow was angry, so I went lighter and slower than I typically would have. Today it felt better, so I was looking to push myself a bit more. I still wanted to be a little careful, though, and not be doing high reps of pushing overhead or similar.

The light bulb above my head was lit when I was looking through previous workouts of the day when I saw the death by burpees one. I could wear my weight vest for that one! I haven’t used that since last summer. It’s one of those things that I don’t use all that frequently, but I think it’s a great additional option to push things a bit. I really should use it more often than I do. It’s stored slightly out of the way, so I forget about it being there.

Today I made it through the tenth minute and stopped there. I tripped up on the seam between the mats a few times in that round and the preceding ones or two. I think my feet were pushing them apart.

The workout was a great choice for me this morning. It felt pretty terrible, but in a good way. It was not one that felt easy. Even so, it did feel manageable. I should have gotten through at least another minute, if not two, but I lost too much time when I was tripping up.

My music choice for Abnormality.