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Got The Vault WOD Done

I slept great last night. It was a very deep sleep and straight through the night, so I woke up feeling great. I wasn’t necessarily ready to get up when I woke up at about four o’clock this morning, but I needed to go to the bathroom. I tried to go back to sleep, but I just had to go badly enough that it only woke me up more. Another thing is the fact that I could smell the coffee.

Finally, I got up and went to the bathroom, then went downstairs to get my first cup of coffee. I brought it upstairs and tweaked my CSS some more. Of course, the coffee was good! I also browsed hacker news, but that was a little slow this morning. It seems to be slower over the weekends. At some point, when I went downstairs to get another cup of coffee, I saw my last peanut butter egg from yesterday sitting in the box on the colander. That has to be good to dip in my coffee, I thought, so I tried it. I wished I had more after I tried it.

I was thinking about it and wanted to get the vault WOD for this week out of the way this morning. The regular versions of the workout didn’t look at all like they’d be good for me to do with my vision problems. Devil step-ups? I have enough trouble getting lined up to step up with weight and be able to do so safely without the burpee before it. In my case, it just looked like an accident waiting to happen.

I do like devil presses, though. Most people would probably think that makes me an unwell individual. They’re simple enough yet challenging. They most likely think the same thing because I love thrusters! I wouldn’t blame them at all!

I was smart about this workout and went with the shift. That just had plain burpees and burpee step-ups. Still not a great exercise for me, but I could kind of feel and see my way to get lined up with the box, so I did them. It wasn’t a ridiculously high number of them, either, so I figured I’d be a little uncomfortable and push myself a little more mentally this morning. Those burpee step-ups went better for me than I was expecting. It was helpful that it wasn’t sunny outside, so there weren’t any shadows from it.

After the last several days of WODs that I have done, the last thing that I wanted to do was more burpees, but they’re a good exercise. Not liking them or feeling like doing them isn’t a valid enough reason to skip them.

It was a good workout that wasn’t easy but also wasn’t stupidly complicated. I think just one total score would have been sufficient rather than three separate times, but it is what it is. I happened to have it. It went much better than I thought it might, so I was happy about that. I could see myself wanting to do this one again. On another day, I would have pushed it a little more with the burpees, but I did two WODs yesterday with them, so I was over the idea of burpees.

I was hoping to do something else in the garage later today but wound up not doing so. The grocery store burned me out with so many people. The workers are just always in the way in that store. The strange thing is the strong smell of gasoline in the parking lot when we went in and when we were leaving. I even looked around for any on the ground, thinking a car was leaking. We got home with not a ton of time before the Phillies preseason game started. This one was on TV, so we both wanted to watch it. By the time that was over, I was too tired to do anything else.

Today’s music was Alice In Chains.