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It's An Ugly, Rainy Day So I Decided To Finish Up My Thousand Burpees For March

As I’ve posted before, Molly had the bright idea to do a thousand burpees in the month of March challenge. Me being me I had a minor lapse of better judgment and decided to do it with her. No, honestly I’m usually game for bad ideas like this.

We both decided we wouldn’t count the burpees in programmed WODS because those were ones we’d do anyways. This would have to be a thousand additional burpees.

Last week I hit 666 and had to stop there for a few days just because the number 666 is cool. Yes, stupid little things like that entertain me.

Going into today I was sitting at 700 total done and was thinking I’d knock out a large chunk of them today being I skipped today’s WOD and had no strength work to to on this day. I mean what the Hell it’s an ugly rainy and chilly day so no patio and not much else going on since we’re not supposed to be doing dumb shit so I may as well work on general fitness which will help me in life and hopefully should I get that stupid virus.

I started out and did 77 in about seven minutes and I had to stop thee because of numbers. Again, I’m entertained by stupid little things like this. Rested a few minutes and did two quick sets of 23 and then 25 and still felt pretty good. I rested a few more minutes and then did 50 more, then 50 more. I was going to stop there for the day then got to thinking why not just go ahead and complete the task at hand so I have freedom to do what ever I want to do tomorrow.

I figured fuck it, I might as well just wrap it up today so did the last 75 I needed in about 8 minutes. Well technically I did 76 to give me a total of 1001 since I always have to do at least one extra rep in this sort of thing. No doubt I’ll be doing more with Molly to help her get through hers.

All in all it wasn’t as terrible or difficult as I expected it to be. I didn’t kill myself at it and had no intention of doing so since this was meant to be an extra side challenge. For a few minutes last night I thought I wouldn’t make it because of my own stupidity of stepping backward and hitting my ankle on the edge of the dishwasher door. That hurt like a motherfucker for a few minutes. Considering the pain felt cold and electrical I think I hit the nerve. zero out of five stars, not recommended at all. Once I realized I was walking fine I just walked it off like I seem to be able to do with anything.

I hate to admit it though but the burpee thing was a rewarding experience to me. I feel like I got better at something I don’t like doing. let me correct that, I despise burpees, I hate burpees, I loathe them. I abhor them, it really just is a strong aversion to falling on the floor and picking myself up gain only to repeat the process over and over.