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Lifetime Personal Record then a Tough Sled/Dball WOD

I had a great night’s sleep last night again for a change. I woke up feeling really refreshed. It was a nice morning after that sleep, and I was anxious to get moving.

I had decided a little while back that I would do my Crossfit total this year for my birthday. Given the fact that I was feeling so great this morning, I went with it early this morning as soon as I heard the barrel guys out back.

I started off my Crossfit total with the back squats. These were honestly the lift that I was most concerned with this time around. While I feel like I have gotten stronger all around, I feel that these have been where my biggest improvement was. I felt great with the warm-up sets and moved quickly through them. When the two hundred and eighty-five pounds warm up felt easy and explosive, I decided to make a bigger jump straight to three hundred and five pounds. I felt like that weight should be one that I would have no problems making today, and it would also be a lifetime PR and put me above the 300 pound mental block. The bar really didn’t even feel all that heavy on my back. The squat felt great. It wasn’t superfast through the sticking point, but it was fast enough and never looked or felt that I was going to fail. I absolutely feel that I was good for another ten to twenty pounds today, but that’s where I stopped, on that very high note where I easily broke the mental barrier.

If I could get some more practice at these heavier weights, I could learn to time it better and not be fighting the bending bar so much.

Strict presses were up next. They felt good, and I quickly worked my way up in weight through my warm-up sets. The adrenaline from the PR was running strong. I easily made a hundred and fifty-five pounds, then made the jump to one hundred and sixty-one pounds. That would have been another lifetime PR. Molly said she thought I had it, and I thought I had it until I started fighting being slightly off center on the bar. I was happy enough with the easy one at one hundred and fifty-five pounds, so I walked away at that. It was all good.

Deadlifts were last, and I didn’t do shit at them. The warm-up at two hundred and ninety-five pounds felt great. The first and only attempt I made at the three hundred and fifteen wouldn’t budge off the floor. My brain was shutting it down. By this time, I was feeling tired and crashing after the adrenaline from earlier burned out. I’m okay with it, though.

Music today’s lifting was Obsura.

Later on in the heat, I did a rough WOD. It’s a bunch of sled pulling and strongman sandbag over the shoulder. That felt good to do that WOD out in the strong sunshine, even though it was on the hot side.

It wasn’t long after that we headed off to Joy’s for some adult beverages. I was pre gaming even before the WOD anyway.