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Light Strength And Twenty Rep Squats PR at 250 Pounds

We had gone to Mosby’s last night for supper so I had a couple of adult beverages. Forgot how good their wings are. We weren’t getting it because of eating takeout only with the pandemic. Their parking sucks and the food just wasn’t ideal for takeout. I did not drink enough to get drunk or anything like that but enough to interfere with my sleep. i slept good but it just wasn’t very restful.

I got moving on my strength this morning as soon as the new neighbors left. They’re quiet and I don’t hear anything much from their side so I want to return the favor. I have no idea how much of my lifting they can hear if any or whether it’s annoying so I try to be courteous and not make too much noise too early.

The day began with my light front squats at 200 pounds. They’re feeling much better today compared to the other day. I’m sure I wasn’t yet recovered from my total then but today they were nice explosive lifts. They looked and felt great so I did five sets of five at the two hundred pounds. The only weird rep was when I set up for the second one of the last set I felt my weight shift forward as soon as I started to squat. I picked up on it right away so I just setup again ad restarted and they were fine after that.

Strict presses were up next. The very light 95 pounds felt great so I did five sets of five of them rather than the three sets. I quickly worked through them and my arm felt good today. Maybe a little residual slight tightness but I think it’s back to normal.

Finally I moved on the the power cleans. I did my five sets of three of the cleans with no issues but the weight was so light at 145 pounds there shouldn’t have been any issues. For the first time in quite a while I strict pressed the last rep of the cleans and made it for four out of the five sets. The last strict press was slightly off center so it failed. The cleans themselves felt awesome today but again it was a light weight.

After recovering fifteen or twenty minutes I decided to give my twenty rep squats a go for this week. I had aborted after the first rep on Monday because it didn’t feel right and said I’d try again later in the week. My twenty rep squats at 250 pounds is heavy for me. My non ugly one rep max in at Trinium was 255 pounds. Obviously I’m stronger now and certainly have better technique which helps more than anything.

Today the first rep at at the 250 pounds felt great. Nice explosive lift with a nice as upright as I can have torso. The second was the same and they went on like that throughout the twenty reps. The last two reps were slower but they felt slower than they looked. Judging by the video they weren’t as tough as the felt an my back wasn’t giving like It thought it was. I was actually really pleasantly surprised at how good they did feel.

Depending on how I am feeling I might give the 255 pounds a go. As of right now I am sitting on a ten pound personal record for my twenty rep squats. I am thrilled with that. While I feel like there’s more in the tank I know it’s going to be tough and I’d have to be in the right state of mind for it.

Music for today was Reverend Bizarre