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Movements I Was Never Comfortable With

Today it clicked that it was only the second time now that I have done weighted step ups with dumbbells in my hands. They were programmed often enough in the old gym but I always did unweighted ones because the lighting was bad and I just wasn’t comfortable visually with them.

Here at home while the lighting still isn’t ideal I have been trying to do those things that I haven’t done before. Today’s WOD called for sets of 30 dumbbell step ups. RXed weight would have been 40 pound dumbbells and 24 inch step ups. I used 25 pound dumbbells as I am still not thrilled with the movement yet I know it’s a very good movement to perform.

Having just one reasonably useful eye I just have absolute shit for depth perception and It’s always been on the back of my mind that I could misstep. The step ups are certainly a bit slower than a normally sighted person’s would be but in time I think I might build the muscle memory and mental map to be able to do them without thinking about it too much. Patience will build that capability for me

I am sure I could have used heavier dumbbells. I think it’s likely I could have used the RX+ option of 50 pound dumbbells but I will stick with lighter ones for now. I also feel that I could definitely do the 24 inch box step ups if the ceiling were a bit higher. My head just gets a little too close and at times my hair touches isolation hanging down which is a huge distraction. I’ll have to give those a try outside sometime.

The other thing that I sort of surprised myself with yesterday is with the kettle bell. While waiting for Molly to get ready I snatched the 24kg kettle bell which is a weight I’ve never snatched before. It felt easy and was done before I even realized what I was doing. I do understand now what they mean about bruising the forearm with these though.

Improvements aren’t always about times on the clock or weights. Sometimes it’s just a new skill or better movements in general.

Today’s music was Cytotoxin’s newest one.