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DT is another one of my personal benchmark WODS. The first time I did it it was at 95 pounds with some insane time. I wanted to quit but Richard wouldn’t let me. He said as long as my form was okay I was finishing it. My lungs really sucked back then

Obviously I’ve gotten stronger since then but worked on rowing longer distances at home to improve that and today showed how it paid off

Today I had a goal in mind. I wanted less than 15 minutes. Having not done “DT” in a long time I didn’t wasn’t sure what weight to use. I knew I could handle 155 but didn’t know fast I’d be able to go with it. I did a couple of practice reps at 155 and decided 135 might be the best option for today. Still 20 lbs more than last time I did it.

I got through the first 4 rounds easily in a bit less than 10 minutes. I took a couple of breaths before jumping into the final round and that was my flaw. I didn’t need to do that and it make me realize how badly my lungs and muscles burned. I struggled to get control of my breathing again so I had to take it slower. I finished it in 14 something but could have done better. Overall I was thrilled with the result not having done hang cleans in quite a while. In hind sight I could have managed the RX of 155 but it wouldn’t have been ideal. I just haven’t had much practice with this WOD because it seems something comes up every time it’s programmed.

“DT” is 5 rounds for time of

12 Deadlifts

9 Hang Power Cleans

6 Push Jerks

The RX weight for men is 155 pounds.