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I Did Two Logistically Challenging WODS In The Past Two Days

I’ve said it before and will say it again but I truly know that we are very fortunate to have our garage available to us for a home gym. We’re lucky that we’d started adding equipment for the past several years and have nearly everything we could want. It’s certainly not perfect though but I am thankful we do have what we have.

I signed up for the Crossfit open knowing that I would do shitty and all but signed up as a way to push myself out of my comfort zone. That started already with 21.1. Our garage just has isolation on the walls so when the wall walks were announced we decided to go get a piece of paneling to put up on the wall so we could do wall walks. I’d done them in the house before but now I can do them in the garage.

The bad thing about it is that the wood that we decided on was very slippery so the second time around and as I got more fatigued it got more and more difficult to fight my feet sliding around too much during the wall walks. I was thrilled with the fact that I was able to do the first one to the RX standards though and then got 10 single double unders. I apparently can do doubles again but just not string them together. Maybe I should practice them.

I am slightly annoyed that I am unable to log the workout without a video though. In the past it wasn’t required but now it evidently is. Because of the size and shape of our garage and the fact that I need to go outside to do the double unders I couldn’t really think of a way to do a video and show everything and not have it look questionable. I’d also prefer not to upload a video. It’s certainly annoying that the WOD won’t count but at the same time it served it’s purpose to me. I did it and got out of my comfort zone. I did 21.1 yesterday and switched to the scaled version after struggling with the second wall walk in the second round.

I was happy with how I did.

Today I did street parking’s vault WOD which just so happened to be another clusterfuck because of our setup.

Our garage is set up well away from the street and you have to go across the patio and navigate tree roots and such to get to the alley to run. (I think the garage was set up more as a workshop or storage rather than parking a car when the built it.) The rack is obviously inside and I needed that to do the pull ups which would have been a non issue. The thing is to get from the garage to the alley its essentially an obstacle coarse for me and given today’s very bright sunshine the light differences between inside and outside made it even worse. I thought I could do it anyways and just be below their goal time but I didn’t realize that it took so long for me to make my way through the yard. I would have lost a good 30 seconds which was too much. I never realized how long it took me until today when the WOD was supposed to be go every 90 seconds.

After being pissed off about it I settled down and chose to just do lighter bent rows with the other bar out back and do my deadlifts at 205 pounds. Even this wasn’t ideal because of vision with the running and of course traffic only when I am doing the WOD but I got a decent enough workout in. It also felt pretty good to do some heavier deadlifts and drop it without having to worry about cracking our concrete floor so that was a nice change.