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Got Another PR On My Twenty Rep Squats Today

I decided that I would do my twenty rep squats for this week. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go because my legs have no energy today. I bailed on the sandbag WOD for tomorrow this morning because while I was doing it fine I knew it was going to be a long one and form would probably break.

I thought what the Hell I can at least see how the twenty rep squats felt and I am pretty glad I did. They felt great and fairly light. I knocked out my twenty reps today at 215 pounds with no real issues other than having to take a piss really distracting me. I will say I got a little forward on the last rep but it was just a bit of a sloppy rep. I just lost a bit of focus thinking that I really have to piss and then well if it happens it happens at this point because I’m not starting the squats over. 😆 I am still feeling I should be able to make it to at least 225 on these.

Later in the afternoon I decided to give Monday’s WOD a go or at least the barbell version of it. I did the x2 single unders because to be completely honest I don’t really care if a fucking jump rope goes under my feet once or twice on one jump. The other part was “squat” cleans. I hate when they’re called that but I did them. The weight for me is super light and I didn’t really know if I should do them and potentially reinforce bad old habits of cutting off my extension. I was also a bit rusty on the barbell stuff since I’ve really been focusing on dumbbells and really haven’t used the bar in WODs other than for deadlifts since the day before my COVID became symptomatic.

my music for the WOD and twenty rep squats was was Cynic!