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Finally A Dry And Not To Windy Day To Try Out Our Sled

We ordered it a while back, but there was a delay in receiving it and that was, although disappointing, completely understandable. We got the rest of it last week, but haven’t had a dry day or one that wasn’t chilly and windy since receiving it. I had messed up my order, so we were waiting on the plastic feet and uprights. The feet are nice to have since they make it fairly quiet on the blacktop.

I chose to just use a 35 pound plate and go fast since I haven’t touched a sled in years and wanted to give pulling it a try too. I pushed it 200 meters once and that felt pretty good. After that, I tried pulling it 200 meters and that felt good. Both these were a great way to get the heart rate up quicker than shit.

The third time I pushed it out 200 meters and pulled it back 200 meters. I absolutely felt the slight hill on the way out. I’m aware of it with the 400 meter runs too. This was a whole new level of pain. About 375 meters in, my legs wanted no more and my heart rate was 190 and getting close to the point of the Fran cough.

From what I could tell today, this sled will end up being a great investment into our fitness. We enjoyed the pain of it, and it was fun to use. It’s going to prove to be another great addition to our health toolbox. I only wish we’d gotten one sooner now. I am glad I got the harness to go with it to give us the pulling option.