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Nice Day For Some Patio Sunshine

- 2 minutes, 268 words
It was a nice morning when I took Brooke to the bus stop. The sun was out with a clear sky all morning. I did a quick WOD and decided to head out to the patio to collect some of that sun.

Nice To Go For A Walk In The Daylight Before Supper

- 1 minutes, 153 words
It was a nice afternoon so we mixed things up a little and went for our walk after my girlfriend got home from work rather than eating supper first. It was nice to go in the daylight.

Very Nice Walk Northwest River Trail At Chickies

- 2 minutes, 359 words
We wanted to check out one of our cache hides so we went for a walk on on the trail it’s hidden off of. It was a great winter day for a nice walk.