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Nice Mild March Day

It was a nice, mild March day. I got some WODs in and spent some time in the sunshine on the patio.


Took Advantage Of The Nice Day And Did A Sled WOD

It was a really mild late December day. Once the sun came out, it warmed up to near sixty. We took advantage of that and did a sled WOD as a partner WOD.


Nice Mild December Day For Some Patio Sun

It was a nice sunny day, and it warmed up into the upper forties. I big different from the recent days. The skies were sunny, so I collected some sunshine on the patio.


Nice Day For Some Patio Sunshine

It was a nice morning when I took Brooke to the bus stop. The sun was out with a clear sky all morning. I did a quick WOD and decided to head out to the patio to collect some of that sun.


Did Street Parking Sandbag WOD Today And Enjoyed Some Sunshine Before And After It

I did this week’s Street Parking sandbag WOD and enjoyed some sunshine before aNd after doing ikt.


It Cleared Up And Got Nice So We Went For A Walk And A Couple Of Caches

It cleared up today and got nice. We decided that it was the perfect opportunity to go for a nice walk and a couple of caches on the Northwest River Trail.


Nice Day So We Went Over To The Northwest River Trail For A Walk And Some Sunshine

It was great that my girlfriend had off work today. With the weather being so nice we went to the nearby trail for a walk and to collect some sunshine.