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Nice Day For Some Patio Sunshine

I noticed that when I took Brooke to the bus stop today, it was getting pretty nice already at eight thirty am. Once the mail came, and I brought it in a few minutes after she left, I wasted no time getting changed to head out and get a quick WOD in for the day.

The WOD was somewhat fun. Just devil presses and air squats. I could have done without two separate counts for the score, but I managed to keep track of it.

After I did the WOD, it was time to go grab the cushions for the patio chair and just relax out there in the sun for a while. There was a delightful breeze with strong sunshine. The temperature was in the upper 60s, and I was just feeling excellent.

While I was out there, at least one of those small white butterflies that you always see was flying back and forth along the patio and around the backyard, occasionally flying down to the flowering weeds.

At one point, a robin landed in the backyard and just stood there for a while staring off into space. Eventually, another bird landed behind him. I couldn’t make out what type that was, but the robin hopped and other bird ran around the yard for a while before taking off again.

A robin landed in the backyard while I was out there

Here is a robin in the grass with another bird behind it.

From the picture I see that I need to mow. That rain really made the grass and mostly weeds grow fast.