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Took Advantage Of The Nice Day And Did A Sled WOD

It was a really mild late December day. Once the sun came out, it warmed up to near sixty. We took advantage of that and did a sled WOD as a partner WOD.


Nice Mild December Day For Some Patio Sun

It was a nice sunny day, and it warmed up into the upper forties. I big different from the recent days. The skies were sunny, so I collected some sunshine on the patio.


Nice Day For Some Patio Sunshine

It was a nice morning when I took Brooke to the bus stop. The sun was out with a clear sky all morning. I did a quick WOD and decided to head out to the patio to collect some of that sun.


High In The 60s Means Unwinding On The Patio After The WODS

Today’s high was in the 60s. That meant I got to go unwind on the patio in the sunshine after the two WODs today.