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Nice Mild December Day For Some Patio Sun

The past few days around here have been cold. It started out with a very cold but moderating weekend. Each day has been a bit warmer.

Yesterday it got above freezing, but it was mostly cloudy and still chilly. Today has been full sun. The sky actually looks like you would see on a hot summer day. After I completed my WOD, a terrible one with the assault bike and snatches and burpees, I realized that it was sunny and in the mid-forties outside.

I took that as a clue that take the cushions outside and sit my ass on the chair in the sun to relax for a bit. It’s so nice on days like this to not have the large maple tree anymore. The trunk and large branches on the tree would have been mostly blocking the sun, not to mention the smaller ones and buds filtering the sun. Not now, though. We have clear skies to the south.

The warm sun felt great on my face. I think it even started to burn a little. I laid my head back on the cushion and half zoned out in the sunshine for who knows how long. The sun always seems to have that effect on me. It’s been a little while since timing and weather worked out that I could collect some vitamin D with all the running around before Christmas and shit. Molly’s days off when we could do that seemed to always fall on the nice days.

The feel good nature of relaxing in the fresh air really seems to be helping me with the holiday funk.