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Nice Mild March Day

This morning it started out chilly like it should this time of the year, but under the sunny skies and southerly wind, the temperature rapidly shot up this morning. It was into the sixties by mid-morning, then well into the 70s by early this afternoon. The weather forecast was calling for a very mild day, and it became clear early on that that would be what happened on this day.

Given the nice temperature, I just had to get out on the patio and relax and take in some sunshine. There isn’t much that I can do that tops the warm sun on my face and improves my state of mind. I wasn’t in a bad state of mind to begin with, but it is always possible to feel better.

At least there was a snow blower running for hours today, like yesterday. They never used it again this winter, so they just ran it for hours sitting in the backyard last fall and now. They have four adults living there. Of course, they let it sit and run right on our patio. I guess soon our house will be overrun with cancer stick smoke from them too. It has been to the point that it floods in the front door, through the house, and out the back door, and you smell it all the way at the end of the backyard.

The sun, as I expected, felt great. I was almost feeling like I could fall asleep. I was wishing that we had pleasant, comfortable chairs that I could stretch out and take a nap on, but the ones we have aren’t so great. It is probably for the best that I wasn’t able to do that. Being so early in the year, I haven’t had much sunshine yet this year. I would have most likely just ended up with a good sunburn. Ideally, I can avoid getting burned, or at least that is what I try to do.

I came into the house and did another WOD then played some XBOX to relax a little. By the time I was done playing Xbox, it was well into the mid-seventies, so I had to go outside and get a little more sun.

When I went back out, the temperature was in the mid- to upper-seventies, and that felt even better. The sun was still shining and still nice and high in the sky.

Molly got home shortly after, and it was time to head over to Joy’s. The sun stays up later now after the stupid time change, and it was in the upper seventies, so I had to wear shorts.

It was time to break out my swovie shorts. They’re so comfortable, and I don’t care what others think, so I wore the tie-dye ones that I don’t like to wear out because I drop food on them and shit, and I can’t buy new ones. Maybe I will care less since, even though they no longer have those, they have other ones. I ordered some red ones. Life is so short. I would suggest everyone take every opportunity they get to just be in a “you do you” state. You only get one life.