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It Cleared Up And Got Nice So We Went For A Walk And A Couple Of Caches

On the plus side, it cleared up and dried outside after that early rain. So, we got out to go for a nice walk on the riverfront trail and made some vitamin D. Even got to break out the shorts and wear them. It got very dry and windy, though. Things are rapidly turning green now. It got close to if not up to 70 today!

It was good to see a decent number of people out today yet not over run with bikes that have to ride side by side and try to make you move. The dogs we saw walking certainly seemed to be enjoying the walk!

It seems like spring will arrive this year, with no real winter to speak of. It could certainly still snow, but it wouldn’t last long with the higher and stronger sun.

We also got home in time for me to knock out my starting strength lifts. I skipped the WOD for today and will do that another day. The ugly weather earlier changed our plans of going further away after a lonely puzzle. We wanted to be the 13 finders on Friday the 13th. Maybe we can get out there this spring still.

Sun reflecting on the Susquehanna River

This photo has the sun reflecting on the Susquehanna River

It’s like Nan used to say. “Take the good with the bad.”