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Nice Day So We Went Over To The Northwest River Trail For A Walk And Some Sunshine

Molly had off of work today and with it being a nice day by February standards we had to get out for a walk while the sunshine lasted. It wasn’t pushing 70℉ like the past couple of days but near 64℉ is still nice by February standards.

It’s snowed plenty of times this time of the year and don’t think I don’t love the snow because I do but when we get weather like this we both want to get outside in it. Molly wouldn’t have wanted to drive here in the snow for one and she’d have been too cold to go for a walk.

It was a nice walk for sure and good to see some other people out and about. One nice thing about the leaves being off of the trees for the winter is on the warmer winter days like this when you’re outside much more of the sun makes it through than in the summer with a full leaf canopy.

When we got back from our walk to where we parked we relaxed on a bench in the sun taking it in and enjoying the sounds of quietness

Sun Reflecting Off The River

This is a picture of bright sunshine reflecting off of the Susquehanna River near the historic Shocks Mills railroad bridge.