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Did Street Parking Sandbag WOD Today And Enjoyed Some Sunshine Before And After It

This week’s sandbag WOD was not really one that I was looking forward to in any way, shape or form. What it really comes down to is I thought it was a dumb one with dumb movements but I ended up deciding to give it a try.

It was surprisingly not that bad for me considering two out of the 3 movements in it were movements I really have as close to zero interest in doing as possible. I just wanted to give it a try and see how I performed with them. The movements I didn’t really care for are sumo high pulls and sandbag situps. The high pulls are from everything I’ve read, not great for your shoulders. Luckily mine are good but I want to keep it that way. The sandbag situps are pretty dumb too.

I got through the WOD and met their goal score which really surprised me. I was slower and more meticulous with the movements I am not comfortable with even if I was good at them and they were functional. I used the 50 pound sandbag for this WOD but I even considered using Molly’s lighter one but decided against that because it being lighter might cause me to get too sloppy with the movements. That’s one of the things the owner and coaches of our old Crossfit gym always, always emphasized. Form over speed no matter what.

The other great thing about today is it was a fairly mild day for late December and not much of a breeze. Did I mention that for a good portion of the day, including the warmest part of the day when the sun is highest, that it was sunny? Needless to say I took plenty of time to relax on the patio and collect some nice feel good sunshine and make some vitamin D. The weather hasn’t really been conducive to doing that for the past couple of weeks but today it worked out.

It was great to lay back in the chair and just enjoy hearing the same bird that’s always in our tree mimicking all sorts of things. It was fairly quiet out today with not a ton of traffic. The foundry down the street I believe shuts down this week every year so those trucks weren’t passing. No annoying mosquitoes either. Those little bastards froze to death! The temperature outperformed the forecast which made it even more pleasant to sit outside this afternoon. Tomorrow will be a bit cooler and it looks like it will be warmer for new years but with rain. I’d prefer snow during the winter any time but I’ll take nice days when the occur too!