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Nice To Go For A Walk In The Daylight Before Supper

It was a decently nice afternoon when Molly got home and she wasn’t working out today so I suggested we go for a walk then instead of waiting until after supper so we could get some sunshine. It was great for me to not have to deal with the blinding headlights from the passing cars glaring over my corneas.

We didn’t go super for and it was nice enough but not one of the mildest of late February days. It wasn’t that windy and I’d guess the temperature was in the low to mid forties when we left for our walk. Once the stupid time change occurs it won’t matter much whether we go before or after supper because sunset will be a made up hour later.

I am really looking forward the longer days but not the heat and humidity so much. Gotta take what you can get in this life though.