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Good WOD Outside On This Chilly Day

Last night, I didn’t sleep all that great. I slept well when I did, but I woke up a couple of times from fucked up dreams. They weren’t bad or good dreams. Just a little off-putting, yet very realistic. It’s strange because I don’t dream or at least remember my dreams that often. It’s had me feeling a little off all day, so I wanted to avoid doing today’s WOD with a fifty devil presses.

Eventually, I gathered the gumption to get out into the home gym and get today’s bench press from 5/3/1. That felt surprising good to me this morning. I didn’t really push myself with today’s AMRAP set. It was more of a go through the motions session. I got a pretty easy six reps for the three plus AMRAP set. It wasn’t aggressive, and I left plenty in the tank, but I got a great feeling set of six at the moderate hundred and sixty pounds. The twenty reps at a hundred and twenty-five pound ended up feeling pretty good too.

A couple of hours later at a little past noon when the sun was nice and high I headed outside to get a WOD in. It was chilly out there today being in the upper thirties but the sun felt good and there really wasn’t much wind.

The WOD was a few rounds of run four then twenty-five shoulders to overhead with the dumbbells, then a hundred-meter carry with the dumbbells on my shoulders.

I ended up using the thirty-five pound dumbbells out of convenience. They were closed to the door, and I thought the WOD would be harder than it turned out to be. I really didn’t push myself with any of the movements today. I thought it was one of those WODs that was going to catch up to me later on in the workout, like they sometimes do. That just didn’t happen today.

I completed it within the lower end of the goal time. I looked at the write-up several times thinking I did something wrong because I just thought I would have been slower. It got my heart rate up, but not as much as I expected. The thing I had going for me is I am fast and efficient at the push presses. Hell, at least half were just strict presses. I only broke the sets up, so I didn’t hit the wall.

The only real issue I had with this WOD was my eyes. Even at noon the sun is pretty low in the horizon and with my cloudy corneas it makes it pretty difficult to see. Of course, the business behind us had a tractor trailer idling the entire time, so I couldn’t rely on hearing too much either. The worst part of the truck is sometimes it would idle up a bit, so I didn’t know if it was moving.

It felt great to be outside doing a WOD, even though it’s a way only in the upper thirties. Sure, my hand got a bit cold and the sweat didn’t help the situation. But the sun felt great, and the fresh air was nice.

One thing I know now is that if I ever redo this WOD or one similar is that I will have to use at least the RX forty pound dumbbells. I think maybe I should even go with the fifties.