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Did A Running WOD Outside Together

We got our grocery shopping and stuff like that done bright and early this morning. I actually slept good with the windows open and the booze from Joy’s must’ve gotten out of my system sooner because my body battery was a bit higher than it normally is on the day after. The fact that it cooled off nicely last night was an enormous help too.

Another big help with my sleep last night was that we were able to keep the windows open. The dipshits down the street didn’t have their nuisance fire pit going, which smokes up the whole neighborhood. They leave it to smolder unattended, too, so there’s often times a haze of smoke half the night. On more than one occasion I’ve almost called 911 thinking there’s a fire from my eyes burning and the haze. Remember, if you enjoy a fire pit, it is the ignorant folks like this that will ruin your fun.

When Molly went to get her hair done, I decided I would go out into the home gym and get my presses done for the week. They felt surprisingly good, and I easily made the programmed five reps at a hundred and thirty pounds. The back of my hand was nagging me on the last one, so I stopped, but I feel like I had more in the tank strengthwise. Oh, well.

When Molly got home, I decided that I wanted to do a WOD outside. It was hot and sunny, but tolerable. I just wanted the fresh air and the barrel company seemed pretty quiet, so I could hear to run properly.

The run was more of a jog, but the push presses were mostly strict presses with the forty pound dumbbells. The pull-ups in the WOD were done as dumbbell bent over rows instead of running in the garage and having to let my eyes adjust back and for between the very sunny and bright outside and dark inside. It was an okay WOD. I got movement in, but more importantly, we got to do a workout together outside on a nice day!