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Good To WOD After A Lazy Week

Last week I was lazy. I was in some strange funk where I just didn’t feel like going out into the garage to do any WODs. I did do a couple. Hell, I barely did my lifts. You know I am in a funk when I don’t feel like lifting!

Yesterday, we did a WOD together after I did my deadlifts. I was feeling a little better by then. My head was much less stuffy than it had been, and my ears were opening up a lot now. That had been the biggest issue for me. The WOD was a simple death by burpees.

Moving on to today, I almost didn’t do a WOD again. While I am feeling much better, I am tired as hell from waking up a little after 2:00 AM and just laying in bed awake. Damn alcohol messing with many sleep. I almost didn’t do a WOD again today, but then I figured I would at least try today’s WOD. It’s been intriguing me all week and today was a nice day with the temperature in the upper 50s with no wind and pure sun. The barrel guys were also not working right behind us.

I threw on shorts and my shirt from Street Parking that says, “Health is Wealth” to remind me of why I put myself through this even when I don’t feel like it. That saying on that shirt is really what it’s all about. When I saw that shirt in a video, I had to have it because to me the shirt says it all.

The WOD was three rounds of run 400 meters then 200 meter farmers carries then finally 100 meters of walking lunges. None of these things are things that I am by any means good or efficient at, but I wanted to do the WOD anyway. They’re all good and beneficial exercises. I knew I would not make the goal time, but I was fine with it. The running and farmer carries weren’t bad at all for me today. I used thirty-five pound dumbbells for the carries. The walking lunges were the slow part for me.

I’ve gotten good at lunges, but due to the lack of space inside. My biggest issue with the lunges is that small pits and portholes and a few pebbles and acorns would randomly appear under my front foot and throw off my balance a bit. Not like I did years ago when I really struggled with any sort of lunge, but just enough to slow me down.

It felt great to get outside in the sunshine again to do a WOD. There won’t be too many opportunities to do that for the next half a year or so as winter sets it. Sure, there’ll be some nice days, but they’ll be few and far between and the yard will probably be a mud pit on those days.