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Second Day In A Row To WOD Outside Together

It was much more humid last night and come early this morning we had thunderstorms in the area. We only got the edge of the storms, so only wound up with a little light rain. The only thing that gained for us is more humidity. After that moved away, it remained humid and cloudy for a good portion of the morning.

Eventually, the clouds broke and we got some sunshine. Not full sunshine, but enough to give us a chance to get a WOD in outside on the patio. This week’s SHIFT version of the Street Parking vault was perfect for that. It only took dumbbells, so we didn’t have to take a bunch of stuff outside as storms were popping and approaching. As an added bonus, we’d have a score in already in case something comes up.

I went lighter than I normally would and only used a pair of twenty-five pound dumbbells for the squats and hang cleans, but it made sense today. I wanted to just move, plus the back of my wrist was a little angry. For today, I wanted a quick WOD in that would get my heart rate up and get me a score.

As luck would have it, we did get some light rain moving in during the WOD. Molly took her stuff inside, but I was on my final round, so I just finished it up. It wasn’t enough to wet anything yet, and a little rain wouldn’t hurt the dumbbells. It was more humid than I’d prefer, and the rain only worsened that, but I got through it. As always, It was nice to do another WOD together.

Later in the day, storms kept popping up around us, but we never got any more rain. Quite a bit of distant thunder, but no rain. We need the rain, but it wasn’t going to happen today.