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Doubled Up On Running WODS Today

I chose not to do yesterday’s WOD on that day since the wind wasn’t ideal for running. It was a nice temperature but the wind got very gusty after the cold front and showers moved through. so I opted to wait today given the forecast looked decent enough.

Sure enough it was still breezy this after noon but nice and dry and sunny. Now that it’s later in the season the sun doesn’t bother me as much for running since it’s higher in the sky. I’m not having the constant glare on my clouded corneas.

The first WOD was straight forward and although a bit harder than I expected it went better than I expected. Every five minutes for five rounds it was run 200 meters, do 36 air squats, run 200 meters and then do 18 push presses then rest until the five minutes is up.

I brought my bar with 75 pounds on it for the RX into the back yard and brought everything else I needed out and got through it. The runs weren’t bad at all. Only one bad rounds when a pickup truck decided to come down the narrow alley so I waited for him to pass. The squats weren’t bad and the push presses were for me an easy weight. Really only a few of the later reps were push presses. I just strict pressed most of them. I had about 4 minutes a round except for the one with the truck incident. That cost me a few seconds and I got 4:15. Not complaining at all about these times.

After recovering a bit I glanced to see what tomorrows WOD will be as I was getting ready to do today’s and saw it was run 400 meters and 20 box jump overs for 4 rounds with one minute of rest between. I figured since it looks like rain tomorrow I’d just do it today. I’m not keen on the box jump overs so I did step up and overs. I had about 4 minutes a round so I am not complaining since both these exercises are at least somewhat visually limited to me.

All in all it a nice well to spend some time outside on a pretty nice day to collect some vitamin D. The added bonus of it involving things that will improve my health is a huge plus. It’s better than just sitting on my ass on the patio, not that there’s anything wrong with doing that sometimes.

I still don’t like running and don’t believe I ever will but I am getting better at it and it has become more tolerable than it used to be.