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Refreshing Cooler Day For My Lifts And A WOD

I slept great last night. It was cool enough that I even had to put the sheet on me after I woke up and took my thyroid pill. It was much nicer than the past few nights, and much better sleeping weather. The temperature had dropped below what the dew point was yesterday morning.

I woke up and drank my coffee while tweaking another short code for Hugo. While I was doing that, the secondary cold front came through and that brought the fairly strong winds for June back. The temperature fell back into the middle sixties.

Once I was ready, I got changed and headed out to the garage to get started with my lifting. The day’s lifting began with the back squats at a fairly light two hundred and fifteen pounds. I was moving well with them and got through five sets of five pretty quickly. They felt great today, apart from me stepping out slightly on an angle. I enjoyed them a lot.

After I finished up with my squats, I moved on to the strict presses. These are somewhat heavy for me at the hundred and twenty to pounds, but I did the three sets of five with no problems at all. They felt heavy and a little more challenging than maybe they should have, but they looked good.

Last up for my lifting today, I had some fairly heavy power cleans at one hundred and seventy-five pounds for five triples. While these felt heavy today they actually felt easy. The videos of the sets that I recorded showed really nice looking power cleans. I was hardly even getting under the bar. I wasn’t cutting the pull short like I had done in the past when it was heavier, rushing to get under it.

Music for the lifting was DIO.

After I was finished with my lifting, I ate some hard-boiled egg sandwiches for lunch and drank my protein. Yes, I ate lunch today! The past few days had been hot and humid enough that it essentially killed my appetite, so I wasn’t eating a lot.

An hour or two later, I decided to give this week’s vault WOD a go. It’s not one I was going to do well at regardless of how I scale the weight. Farmer’s carries are just one of those things I will be a little more cautious with. In the alley. There are usually quite a few stones out there and the last thing I need to do is have my foot slide out from under me with weight’s in my hand. The snatches, especially at the twenty-five pound dumbbell I went with, were what I flew through. Even standing on the grass doing them didn’t bother me. The push-up taps were annoyingly slow. The push-ups alone are not something I will ever be great at, and the taps only worsen them. I just burn out on the push-ups so fast. With the lighter weight, I surprisingly completed the WOD in the goal time. I want to play with heavy farmer’s carries thsi summer but not for time.

It was a good day and great to do a WOD outside on this beautiful day. The only thing that would have improved it is to do the WOD with my girlfriend, but this version of the WOD is just not for her, so I just got it done.