We Were Able To Do Today's WOD Together Outside

We were able to do the sandbag version of today’s WOD together out in the back yard. It was just sandbag burpees and 400 meter carry for basically two rounds.

The weather was decent for the winter. it was by no means warm or anything but it was mild enough to do a workout, out in the backyard and ally. The WOD itself was harder than I expected, particularly the carries. The ground was a bit slippery for the burpees from the rain yesterday too.

The thing is it really made me look forward to being able to workout together more often in the summer out in the back yard.

I am not sure why but today I felt slow and like I was dragging a bit. I haven’t slept all that well the past few days so that could be part of it. It seems like everywhere we go there are sick people. I’m hoping I’m not catching something