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Got A Rogue Strongman Sandbag For My Birthday

My girlfriend bought me a rogue strongman sandbag for my birthday. It’s the bright green one, so I can see it better, plus she knows I like bright colors.


Got My Sandbag Back In Order

My replacement filler bag to go in my sandbag arrived. I certainly am looking forward to using that implement of pain again sooln!


Finally A Dry And Not To Windy Day To Try Out Our Sled

We’re finally getting a dry day when it’s not too windy. We’ve been wanting to take our new toy outside to play with it in the ally. The sled is just as nasty as we’d hoped.


Kettlebell Kings Kettle Bell

I have been on the hunt for a 32 kg kettlebell for the garage. The normal place we got them before locally changed the coating and I didn’t like it. I bought a Kettlebell Kings one and really like it.