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Got A Rogue Strongman Sandbag For My Birthday

For my birthday this year, my girlfriend bought me a Rogue strongman sandbag. My birthday’s not until a couple of weeks from now, but it was delivered yesterday. We had 73 pounds of pea gravel available to put in it. I figured that was a good weight to test it out at and get used to not going for the handles since there are none.

Today I tried it out with one of Street Parking’s d ball WODs. I needed to do the sandbag to shoulder 25 times, then go through some other stuff, and then 25 more reps. I used my new sandbag for that, and that reaffirmed that I need to add more pea gravel to it soon. But I want to practice a little with it first

The odd object stuff is something that I really do enjoy. I feel that it applies pretty much to real life type of thing better than the barbell or dumbbell. Today’s WOD with the new sandbag was a lot of fun and different, with no handles to grab at all. Reminds me of how I always wanted to try out an atlas stone, but don’t have access to one. They’re easy enough to make, but wouldn’t make sense to have one and store it someplace. I think that this will be a great new addition to the tools I have for my fitness.

She got me the green one, of course. It’s like a neon green type of color. She said because I’d see it better against the black floor. I think she just knows that I really love bright colors.