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Swovie Shorts

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I ordered the shorts version of the swoveralls I bought when I had COVID last summer. Like the longer version I find the shorts to be very comfortable.

Got My Sandbag Back In Order

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It’s not really a secret that I really, really enjoy sandbag workouts. They’re just fun to me. It’s almost something primal or something where I have always liked picking things up and throwing them around. It was a bit over a week ago when we were doing a sandbag WOD out on the patio, thankfully, when I noticed a lot of dust escaping. There’s usually a little as the gravel gets pulverized into sand but this was a lot.

LaunchVPS Has Been Great

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I was cleaning up my email a bit last night and noticed my invoice for my current host, LaunchVPS . It got me thinking how the hosting here has always just worked for me over the past year and a half or so that I’ve been using them. Typically the only thoughts on products or services people ever really post are bad experiences or being a paid shill I am using my affiliate link but why wouldn’t I?

GymNext Flex Timer

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I see the question asked frequently enough about what timer to get for WODS at home, and it dawned upon me today that I’ve never posted my thoughts on our GymNext Flex timer on here. The timer itself is almost perfect. It has nice big and bright numbers, and we don’t even have ours set to the maximum brightness. Even I can see them okay enough, being visually impaired and all.

Sometimes You Forget How Long You've Had Something When Things Just Work

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In this day and age where everything is basically designed to die the day after the 1 year warranty expires it’s nice to have a pleasant surprise where things just keep working. Printers in the past for us had been notoriously horrible with dying. The ink jet ones were shit. If you didn’t print often the full ink cartridge would be “empty” or it would dry out and print poorly. No matter the brand or the price they all seemed to be terrible.

I Got A Garmin Watch

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I had originally bought a fitbit quite a while ago to encourage the grand kids to move since they got them for Christmas. It turned out I found the insights if not useful at least they were interesting and helped me push more out of my comfort zone with different types of activities. The band that it came with broke so I ordered a new one on Amazon lover the summer but that one broke a few months later.

Carson Blackwave 10x50 Monocular Is Almost Good Enough For Me

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I’m visually impaired and tend to need to use a monocular to see almost anything from items on the shelves in a store to menus in take out places. Basically I use it dozens of times a day every day. Sadly my old go to Vanguard telescopes seem to be no longer being manufactured. It’s a shame since other than the rubber thing that folds up and down around the eye piece wearing out those things have been awesome for me.

My Thoughts Garmin 66s

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I was given a Garmin 66s GPSr for my birthday. My girlfriend thought the larger screen would help me be able to see it. Honestly that’s the only reason I was even looking at them in the first place since I was having no issues with my Garmin 64s. The larger screen is definitely helpful for me with poor vision. Probably seems odd that I enjoy geocaching and hiking with poor vision but I love it!

New headphones

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So my old headphones that served me well for a couple of years but I got the cable caught under my chair and it made the one side flaky. I had really liked them other than the long cord though but in the grand scheme of things I guess too long would be better than too short.. I decided since I liked them I’d go with Sennheiser again and chose the Sennheiser HD 4.

Lykathea Aflame - Elvenefris

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Lykathea Aflame’s Elvenefris is one that I’ve read about and from the little bit I could check it out online I knew I had to eventually find it. Death metal isn’t all that popular and a lot of times it’s not easy to find. I guess the best way to put it would be to call it progressive brutal death metal.

Black Clouds And Silver Linings By Dream Theater

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Recently on a whim I ordered Dream Theater’s Black Clouds And Silver Linings and couldn’t be happier with that decision to take a chance. I think it’s my favorite Dream Theater album of all. Due to various reasons for the past 10 years we haven’t been really keeping up with them or any other music for that matter. Some of their other recent albums I just couldn’t get into that much.

Acid Bath

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She smiles like a child with flowers in her hair with blood on her hands Into the sun she stares Acid Bath might be one of my favorite bands of all time. Dax Rigg’s Darkness makes the music and I think the heavier music suits his voice better than the stuff that he does now. His more recent stuff is really good but I think Acid Bath is better for his voice.


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Falling, falling from my oppression God where are you now Last year I rediscovered Dystopia. I’d heard stuff from Human=Garbage it on college radio stations back in the mid 90s but never picked up on who it was to search for it. (The internet makes finding stuff you hear so much easier these days) I recently heard it again on a streaming metal station online. It actually got me to hunt down a few other sludgy things I heard back then.

Bausch & Lomb Magnifier

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The thing about being visually impaired like I am is magnifying glasses are one thing you can’t have too many of. I’m always on the lookout for new ones to try for a reasonable price. Sure I know they’re not the best quality but for my use that really isn’t all that important. I use them all the time and wind up loosing them or breaking them anyways. One day while searching Amazon I came across the Bausch & Lomb Coddington Magnifier.

My Old Trusty Maha Battery Charger Finally Died

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I’ve been using NiMH batteries for what seems like forever. My police scanner that I used before things went digital took for AA batteries itself and then when we geocached a lot more often than we do now I really used them. Powerex batteries were highly rated and met those expectations for me with the GPSrs. I knew I needed a good charger for the batteries to make them last longer before wearing out and had read good things about the MAHA MH-C9000.

Mikrotik Routerboard RB2011

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Our Linksys router started acting up. Me being fed up with the things only lasting until the warranty is up decided to look into other options. I settled on the Mikrotik Routerboard RB 2011 and have been really pleased with it.

My Creative Zen Vision W

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Molly gave me a Creative Zen Vision W for my birthday this year. I am impressed with how well I can see the screen. It’s bright even at 50% back light and has good contrast. That’s important to me because with my old player I could hardly see it with it’s pretty bad contrast. The screen is huge too. I have the 60 GB version which I would’ve preferred anyways. I’ve put everything on there and still have over 10 GB to spare.

My Thoughts Garmin 60csx

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I know it’s not exactly new anymore but I thought I’d post my thoughts on it. I picked one up last August after my old Magellan Meridian Color was wearing out. After falling on some rocks near the Appalachian trail on NJ in a down pour the screen fogged up. I figured it was time for a new one. Molly needed a GPS because her etrex legend was falling apart and I decided it would be easier if we had the same ones.