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My Thoughts Garmin 66s

I was given a Garmin 66s GPSr for my birthday. My girlfriend thought the larger screen would help me be able to see it. Honestly that’s the only reason I was even looking at them in the first place since I was having no issues with my Garmin 64s. The larger screen is definitely helpful for me with poor vision. Probably seems odd that I enjoy geocaching and hiking with poor vision but I love it! I’ve always loved the outdoors. The slightly bigger screen really helps tons when looking at the maps.

I’ve found the GPS signal to be stable and accurate. It definitively seems a bit better than the 64s was and vastly improved over the 62s. Recorded tracks aren’t all over the place like the older ones and doesn’t seem to way overshoot like the 62s did. It holds good accuracy obviously in the open but also in the thick woods at Governor Dick park in Mount Gretna. It seemed to do well at the edge of the cliffs / hills at Chickes Rock too. We have been in the woods more this year than we have in quite a few years and it’s worked well for geocaching.

It’s not new to Garmin but the geocaching features are certainly nice to have. We started geocaching with an old blue legend then I got a Magellan, neither of which really had any cache information at all accept the GC number or some bastardize generated name. I can’t tell you how many times we searched for a virtual stage when we didn’t have a print out of the cache write up. I didn’t think the WiFi would be useful to me until I realized I can update the stored caches on the device without having to hook it up to the computer. The Garmin cables were always annoying to me to plug it in just right. It could certainly be handy if we go away and I want to update it.

It seems solidly built but Garmin have always seemed solid. We’ve never broken a Garmin. Really the only issue I can think of having with them is the one 60csx’s beeper died. The buttons for the most part keep the same layout. It’s funny how the slightly larger device moves the buttons further apart and it screws with my muscle memory. I like that the power button has been moved to the top to make it harder to accidentally turn it off by holding the GPS wrong.

It really is amazing how far things have come since we started geocaching in the early 2000s. We’re looking forward to getting out there more now.