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My HRM Pro Died

My Garmin HRM Pro strap seems to have died. I went through the troubleshooting and then got on chat with Garmin support. After a few questions, they set me up with a link to order a replacement. I can’t complain about that.


I Got A Garmin Watch

I got a Garmin watch. I picked up a Vivoactive one to replace my Fitbit. I couldn’t justify the Fenix that I wanted. It seems pretty good so far.


My Thoughts Garmin 66s

For my birthday this year I was given a Garmin 66s. I really like it. It takes the good from the Garmin 62s I had but has a better GPS chip or at least it seems to.


Garmin 64S

I upgraded from my old Garmin 62s to the 64s. I really do like it. Signal wise, it’s not quite as good as the old trusty 60csx, but there are other features that make up for that.


Garmin 62S?

With us not really getting much geocaching in recently I haven’t paid much attention to GPSrs. I just came across the Garmin 62s and that really looks like it could be a good upgrade from the 60csx.


Garmin Support Is Great

Garmin’s customer support is great. My 60csx was two years old and well out of the warranty. For some reason It wouldn’t acquire satellites out of nowhere. I tried some fixes I googled then called Garmin and tried some things they had me do with no luck. They sent me a replacement which didn’t ower on but then they sent me a good one.


Garmin Colorado

I just saw the Garmin Colorado GPS is being released. It sounds like it may have improved. I’d love to play with one in person. It looks interesting and has paperless caching features.


My Thoughts Garmin 60csx

I know that it’s not new but I needed to post my thoughts on the Garmin 60csx. It’s the best GPS out there for geocaching. It just works.